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Christopher Golden

creepy creatures reviews: it seems that you are an author who attached importance to your characters, their developement more than on brutal or slashy scenes. Why is that so?

Christopher Golden: Effective stories of any kind are about identification with the characters. If you feel what they feel, if you can imagine yourself in their circumstances, what happens to them resonates much more powerfully.  That’s as or more important in horror than in any other genre.  Whatever happens, I want you to care. I want you to feel it.  It’s nice to be able to make a reader afraid, but I’d much rather make them cry.

creepy creatures reviews: what’s thrilling or scareing people: tons of blood splattering around or the desiption of something evil, that is hard to see?

Christopher Golden: Again, I believe it’s what the reader feels more than gore or blood.  In a film or on television, you can be very effective in creating horror with what people see, but even then, if they can identify with the characters, it’s so much more effective.

"ferryman", "seven whistlers"
Chris Golden's latest books published in Germany

creepy creatures reviews: You write Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk and Horror - what fascinated you, what’s the reason you write phantastic literature?

Christopher Golden:  I honestly don’t know.  I’ve just always loved the weird and the frightening. I gravitated toward horror and fantasy and comic books as a kid.  As I got older, I fell in love with crime fiction and mysteries, and I love those genres, too, but as a writer, the weird stuff always surfaces.

creepy creatures reviews: If some asks you „what is it, that a good Horror novell should contain“ - what would be your answer?

Christopher Golden: Human fear, not just monsters. If there are monsters, they should touch on primal terror, whether it be of the dark or of the darkness inside ourselves.

creepy creatures reviews: „seven whistlers“ and „the ferryman“ as well as „Baltimore“ deal with european myths - is that something that fascinates you, the euopean mythology?

Christopher Golden: It always has.  So many of my novels delve into European mythology and history.  I studied history at university.  But it’s not just European myth. I’ve touched on folklore and legend from around the world.  It’s always fascinating to me to learn something new about the weird and wonderful things people once believed…even better if it’s something people still believe!

from "Baltimore"
from "Baltimore"

creepy creatures reviews: is there any plot you would like to make a novell out of but you don’t know how?

Christopher Golden: I have a whole list of  ideas that are not fully cooked.  I have ingredients, but not enough for the whole recipe.  Most of them will end up being used somewhere, in some novel or story, when I finally realize which ingredients go together.  Many of my novels are made that way.

creepy creatures reviews:  what to we as german readers may look forward to - are there books you wrote that will be translated into german withing the next months?

Christopher Golden: There are books coming very soon from Buchheim Verlag, but I don’t think I’m supposed to announce them  yet.  And I think one or two others next year from other publishers, but I’m not free to discuss them.

creepy creatures reviews: I once read, that it’s unpolite to talk about politics and religion when you talk to americans - not to mention the politial situation that hasn’t been that sensitive since the 70s: is religion a good way for characters in literatur to fight the evil forces? Or would you as an author say that real strength can only come from human power?

Christopher Golden: I think religion in fiction is a good way to discuss the real evils in the world a well as the supernatural ones.  In the real world, though, human beings must do the work for ourselves. Even if you believe in God, don’t forget the old saying “God helps those who help themselves.”  No higher power is going to step in to save the world, but hopefully art can inspire people to save it themselves.

Thank you very much, Christopher Golden!



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